Great party, long-time friends, good food and martinis’, what more could you ask for on a Saturday night? 🍸#latepost (at Grand Palazzo Royale)
Yayy for cute goodies! 🍭
Mama’s super adorable obento creation for my sister Norika! 😁✌️Kawaii desho?
Appreciation post! Thank you for making my day extra special honey. 🐻🍯🐝 We both know you’re not exactly the type to think out of the box (HAHAHA) but you did your best anyway and I love you for that. 😊 Thankyou for the gigantic human-size Pooh pillow, cupcakes, balloons, pictures and for taking me to watch The Gifted as well as taking me to go-kart at kart city yay! 🚦Bawi si Aiai soon, see you on you day off! ❀️
I am beyond grateful, thankyou Lord for the wonderful blessings you have given me. I only appreciate life more as I mature, especially now that I’m 20. Day by day I realize how truly thankful I am for this life you have given. I am grateful for my amazing family who have always been there for me 100% and for my bestfriends who make difficulties a little more fun and bearable. I thank you for my partner who never fail to love me as I am. I simply cannot fathom into words how truly blessed I am.  πŸ’• 09/07/14
Didn’t expect this personally-made bouquet of Ferrero’s at all, who knew the dolt actually had a creative touch? How pretty! 😍 09/05/14
Look, the dolt made me a bouquet of Ferrero’s! A much improved one at that. πŸ‘ #16thmonthsarykunokuno