Please don’t leave a camera with me when I’m bored. 😬 #selfieswhilewaiting
Just add a beanie and voila! 😁 #makeuptransformation #Jojofan
This makes me happy, ahhh. πŸ‘Œ
RIP to my favorite comedic actor since I was a child. Goodbye Mrs. Doubtfire, I will never forget you in your one of a kind roles in Bicentennial Man, Aladdin, Awakenings, and more.. I just can’t believe that one of the most iconic actors of our time is finally gone. I can’t express how utterly sad I am right now. 😭 #RIP #RobinWilliams
Selfies with my “ate” and the little sis awhile ago at the party πŸ™Š #vainfamily (at Fortune Hongkong Seafood Restaurant)
Thanks, gays!! I had fun. 😁